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The July 2017 issue has gone in the mail and should be with subscribers within the first week of July. The Digital version was released on June 30.

  • Jonker’s 18 metre JS3 has been test flown and is the subject of the photo on our front cover.
  • Reports that the ‘Diana’ is back in series production is indeed news. Especially at the prices being quoted. And you can get one early next year.
  • Often wondered how the Germans manage their gliding movement? We provide a report on the German AeroKlub and the responsibilities they are involved in.
  • There is an opportunity for you to personally to make some real cash by getting involved in the European change over to 8.33 kHz transceivers.
  • Not gliding but a feature that will provide a good night’s sleep for the overnight retrieve or that long week-end at the club!
  • A group at the Adelaide University (Australia) have been testing Oratex as a means of re-lifing some older gliders (ASK13 era). Valuable information - worth reading.
  • Ever thought about who manages the German sponsored On-Line-Contest web page and who manages the operation – Reiner Rose is the brains behind this project and we let you have a break down on the numbers involved. Some 116,500 flights were recorded in 2016. The web site attracted 111 million clicks! A surprising operation!
  • A quick read on why aviation GPS is superior to Ground base systems.
  • A report and photos on the Mistral Winds in the South of France. We found few really understand why the winds have been to blame for Vincent Van Gogh (French painter) cutting off his ear. (And it all relates to gliding too).
  • The German aviation journal AeroKurier has admitted that Germany was caught totally unaware of the JS3 development in South Africa. They have gone on to say that Germany has been undergoing identical research on the same problem (Wing to Fuselage inter-reaction) for over 20 years. The Germans will test fly their latest project this northern summer. Exceptionally interesting with a large range of photos.
  • A full report on new soaring instruments that have just hit the market.
  • The American Weather Forecasting system is lagging behind accepted norms for meteorology. But Trump “will fix it!”
  • The fresh look at soaring in Namibia and the flood of Europeans that soar there in Northern winter.
  • And we have a look at the Horten Brothers flying-wing glider of 1933. Still leaves today’s pilots in wonderment!
  • Have you heard about the circular runway. “Going whilst you are coming!” An amusing thought from an adventurous Dutchman.
  • We give competition pilots a look at the 2020 World Championships site at Stendal-Bostel, Germany.
  • Few appreciate the research work being undertaken by Airbus (Batteries, aircraft design, new motivation power). An update.

All this plus another 40 stories to update you on the sport, AND as we have said before - our best issue yet!

We hope you will join us.