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The issue contains:

  1. A review at length on the Twin Shark from Europe. This two seater has a good future. The test flight report will appear in the following issue.
  2. Meantime, we some have great graphics on the Euro Glider, (many won’t even have heard about it). It will have twin electric motors and is designed to be a basic trainer, one a club can use for a whole day (without recharges). This is all new thinking – very interesting indeed.
  3. The lead story is about soaring in Alaska. Bob Adams, the author has over 2000 hours soaring in Alaska. He provides some remarkable photography.
  4. The FES fire in two sailplanes is a worry. We provide details of the FES fire in the United Kingdom with a response from the manufacturers on the issue. You should read this if you have any plans to buy/fit a FES.
  5. A new jet unit has been tested by Germany’s Aerospace centre. It is electrically driven with a promising future. Gliding is a future consideration for the concept.
  6. Aldo Cernezzi puts his thoughts on paper about the world – wide decline in membership.
  7. We discovered that the very first aero-tow was made in 1922. We have a report in detail as to how/why/where it happened. Supported by some amazing photos, all taken 95 years ago. They have reproduced remarkably well.
  8. Your tow-plane could be running on fuel extracted from sugar cane. A new concept worthy of further thought.
  9. DOHACKIES is the name coined for the latest in winglets. Who is going to be the first manufacturer to fit them to a sailplane?
  10. Are you worried about Drones? You should be! The conference in Switzerland last month brought forth a paper that declared aviators can expect to compete with seven million drones with seven metre wing spans by 2030. (400,00 will be commercial drones). This is news but not good news!
  11. Canada seems to be the only ATC organisation that operates a system at a fraction of the cost than others. No other country matches their cost structure and service! They just refunded users with $US60 million.
  12. A good report on a happy marriage between The European Aviation Safety Agency and the European Gliding Union.
  13. Some major improvements in battery technology. Two papers from two different organisations give readers an insight into the major projects going on at different ends of the globe.
  14. Likewise the big money being applied into electric aircraft and self-launchers research.

All this and 30 other stories to inform the gliding community on the world scene. And we have just announced a readership promotion.
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