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The September 2017 issue goes in the mail on Friday and should be with subscribers within a week. The Digital version will be released September 1.

Our lead article is written by the first JS3-18 buyer (An Australian). It is hard to believe that the Jonker organisation is now geared to produce one JS3 every week (four per month) and if you placed a deposit paid order today you could not get your new sailplane until the 1stst quarter of 2019. What a success story!

Tired of the lack of any inspiration coming from the IGC, its executive team and their country delegates in regard to falling membership, we are soon to launch a proposal specifically designed to attract public interest in a big way. We hope Mr and Mrs Sunday Soarer (and the rest of the world’s soaring pilots) will help us establish a country against country competition - very much along the lines of the America’s Cup in yachting. Read all about it in our September issue. Our first objective is to find a sponsor for a three/four yearly event and that is likely to be an airline. We will need every supporter we can get – believe us – we will be trying. More to come!

The issue includes:

  • Behold – the JS3-18 (See paragraph above).
  • Germany - ‘The Land of Ideas.’ A new slogan recently announced by Germany.
  • A New Release – The Desktop Simulator that every club can afford.
  • The Tow Pilot and the Magistrate - The tow pilot ended up in court.
  • Sell Basic Training in Gliders - An idea put forward to motivate clubs. It’s an answer.
  • Perlan is back in Argentina. Climbs are increasing almost daily.
  • Stemme Update – A new Wing – a new instrument panel.
  • ATS - A group of pilots are trialing a new traffic display system – Into their second year.
  • Report on the FAI 13.5m World Championships won by Sebastian Kawa.
  • GP Gliders - New from Poland. Each wing weighs 37 kilos, yes 37 k ex moulds.
  • ebastian Kawa flew a GP14 into first place at the worlds. He is dedicated!
  • A vast investment in climate change is still being made.
  • hanges to how we tow our trailers. Read about Volvo’s Electric Vehicle Plans.
  • Savings in New Aircraft Design – Germany advancing a new theory
  • Horten Brothers and their killing machines.
  • What were you doing on Friday, July 7, 2017 at 2 p.m. We know!
  • Remote control towers. Smoke and Mirrors stuff becoming reality.
  • Gliding with ‘Heavy Water’. Chemistry being applied to soaring.
  • Lordy, Lordy, Look who’s 40 - Would believe the answer is G.P.S.
  • Something really new - ‘taskPilot’ – a remarkable aid to teaching cross countries.
  • Airbus introduces new winglets. Increases performance by 2%.

All this - plus another 40 stories to update you on the sport.

We hope you will join us.